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Base Launchpad for Base Meme Coins – Defi Launch App

Defi Launch introduces an innovative Base Launchpad, making DeFi accessible with affordable token creation and fair launch services. Integrated with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3, the platform enables users to create meme coins for just $7, with no coding knowledge required. Join Defi Launch to explore and create new opportunities in the decentralized finance space.

United Kingdom, 14th Jun 2024 – Defi Launch is set to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape with its new Base Launchpad. As the first launchpad fully integrated with the Base network and featuring Uniswap V3, PancakeSwap V3, and V2, Defi Launch allows users to create meme coins and fair launches for just $7, without any coding knowledge.

Base Launchpad for Base Meme Coins - Defi Launch App

Making DeFi Accessible to Everyone

Defi Launch’s mission is to democratize DeFi with its motto, “Find the next Gem or Create your Own!” This reflects the platform’s commitment to making DeFi easy, affordable, and fun for everyone. Whether launching the next viral Base meme coins or discovering the latest Base meme coins, Defi Launch provides an accessible platform for all users.

Why Defi Launch is a Game-Changer

Unbeatable Pricing: Defi Launch offers services at a fraction of the cost of competitors like Pinksale, which charges up to $700 (0.2 ETH) for a fair launch. Defi Launch’s pricing of just $10 (0.003 ETH) makes it accessible for anyone to start their DeFi journey.

Zero Code Knowledge Required: The platform simplifies the token creation process, enabling anyone to launch meme coins and fair launches without any coding skills.

Comprehensive Services:

  • Token Creation and Launchpad: Create tokens with automatic smart contract verification for just $7, supporting both pre-sales and fair launches.
  • Airdrop Sender: Distribute tokens effortlessly to your community.
  • Liquidity Options: Integrated with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity.
  • Token and LP Locking: Enhance trust and transparency with token and LP locking mechanisms.
  • Cross-Chain Functionality: Upcoming integration with LayerZero will enable seamless cross-chain interactions.

Real Yield and Community Rewards

Defi Launch redistributes revenue from launches, swaps, bridges, and token unlocks to users upon the release of the Governance token. Specifically, 80% of the revenue goes to stakers, providing real yield, while 20% is burned to increase token value over time.

Expanding the Ecosystem

Defi Launch continuously adds new networks to its launchpad. Currently live on Base, Linea, BNB Chain, and Solana, with zkSync coming soon, the platform ensures users have access to the best and most innovative DeFi projects.

Community Growth and Engagement

Defi Launch focuses on community growth and engagement through:

  • Alpha Testing: Completing alpha testing to refine the platform.
  • Social Campaigns: Launching targeted social campaigns on platforms like Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy.
  • Quests and Rewards: Engaging the community with fun quests and rewards to foster participation and loyalty.

The Technology Behind Defi Launch

LayerZero Integration: Defi Launch will integrate LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, to enable seamless cross-chain interactions and transactions across all supported networks, ensuring a fully interconnected DeFi ecosystem.

Token Creation and Launchpad: Our platform allows users to create tokens for just 0.002 ETH, complete with automatic smart contract verification. We offer two launchpad options: standard pre-sale and Fair Launch, ensuring equitable distribution. Additionally, we provide KYC and audit services through trusted third parties, enhancing security and trust.

Airdrops, Locks, and Swaps: Defi Launch supports comprehensive features including airdrops, token and LP locking, and swaps, making it the most versatile launchpad available. We are the first to integrate with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity, while also offering V2 for flexibility.

Ecosystem Roadmap

Phase 1: Network Expansion

  • Current Networks: Live on Base, Linea, BNB Chain, and Solana.
  • Upcoming Network: Integration with zkSync is imminent.
  • Future Networks: Continue adding the best networks to our launchpad.

Phase 2: Community Growth and Alpha Testing

  • Alpha Testing: Complete alpha testing to refine the platform.

Community Growth: Expand our community through targeted social campaigns on platforms like Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy.

Phase 3: Cross-Chain Integration

  • LayerZero Integration: Implement LayerZero to achieve cross-chain functionality across all networks.

Phase 4: Governance Token and Real Yield

  • Governance Token: Launch a governance token where 100% of project revenue will go back to users—80% to stakers and 20% burnt.
  • Real Yield: Generate fees from launches, swaps, bridges, token unlocks, and more, providing real yield to the community.

Key Features

  • Cheapest Token Creation: Create tokens for just 0.002 ETH with zero code knowledge required.
  • Fair Launches: Equitable distribution through our Fair Launch model.
  • Airdrop Sender: Effortlessly distribute tokens to users.
  • Liquidity Options: Integration with Uniswap V3 and PancakeSwap V3 for maximum liquidity, with V2 options available.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use platform for both users and developers.


Community and Engagement

  • Quests and Campaigns: Engage in quests on Galaxe, Intract, and Zealy to grow our community and promote the platform.
  • Inclusive Approach: Simplify DeFi for everyone, ensuring that even users with no code knowledge can create and manage their own DeFi projects.

Join Our Community

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Defi Launch is committed to making DeFi accessible, secure, and rewarding for everyone. By offering the most cost-effective and comprehensive tools for DeFi project launches, we empower creators and investors alike. Join us as we simplify DeFi and unlock new opportunities in the decentralized finance space. For further information, please visit Defi Launch.

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