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Mind On: Exploring the Rising Global Short Video Platform

Mind On is an emerging short video platform that is rapidly rising on a global scale. We had the privilege of conducting an in-depth interview with one of the company’s founders, Kerry Maguire, to learn about the story behind the platform and its future vision.

Everyone is curious about the background and core philosophy of Mind On. The founder explained:

“Mind On was created by a group of young people full of creativity and passion. We believe that short videos are a field with immense potential, allowing people to express themselves in the most direct and vivid ways, sharing their stories and viewpoints. Therefore, we aim to create an open and diverse platform where everyone has the opportunity to discover and showcase their value.”




Additionally, the reward of $15 per 1,000 views for content creators on Mind On has sparked significant interest and discussion. The founder commented:

“We see this not just as a reward program but as recognition of the hard work and creativity of our creators. We hope to use this method to make more people realize that short videos are not just entertainment but also a means of creating value. Every person who works hard should receive their due reward.”

Regarding industry peers, the founder hopes to inspire other platforms to provide more opportunities and support for creators. He believes that competition can drive industry development and inspire more creativity and innovation. Hence, they will continue to uphold this reward plan while striving to improve their services, ensuring everyone can achieve what they want on Mind On.

When asked what factors contributed to the rapid global rise of Mind On, the founder said:

“We believe the key to success lies in our focus on creators. We offer generous creator bonuses and favorable policies, encouraging them to continuously produce more outstanding works. At the same time, as we quickly attract a large number of users, we also gain the favor of many advertisers, bringing us impressive revenue. Furthermore, we enhance user experience through our industry-first open API Key feature. Users can upload and manage content using some social platform editing tools, obtain video details and user data for in-depth analysis, enhance interaction, expand influence, and enjoy more personalized services. We ensure the security and permission control of each API Key and provide application documentation and support as needed to help users fully utilize this powerful tool.”

This series of successes not only highlights Mind On’s emergence in the video entertainment field but also demonstrates the company’s values and commitment to creators. They will continue to strive to bring more high-quality content to global users while providing advertisers with a more effective promotion platform, achieving a win-win situation.

This proves a fact: when the interests of users and creators are prioritized, the success of the enterprise is inevitable.

Regarding the future, what development plans and vision does Mind On have? The founder confidently said:

“Our vision is to become the world’s leading short video platform, providing users with more diverse and valuable content while offering more opportunities and benefits to creators and advertisers. We will continue to innovate and progress, striving to make Mind On one of the most beloved social media platforms.”

As we conclude this interview, we thank Mind On’s founder Kerry Maguire for sharing this exciting story with us. We believe that with their efforts, Mind On will have an even brighter future.

This has been an inspiring journey, and we look forward to more exciting developments from Mind On on a global scale!

Company Details

Organization: Mind.on

Contact Person: Kerry Maguire



Country: Canada

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