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Promo dex: Programmatic Influencer Marketplace

Promodex, which has been followed with interest by the crypto market for a long time, gets listed on Whitebit on June 3.

WEB3-based rewarding programmatic influencer marketing platform. 

Any brand, company, or project owner can launch a campaign for thousands of influencers, channel owners, and publishers to promote. 

As a campaigner, you must create your account and launch your campaign by locking the total budget on the blockchain. 

As an influencer, yo- u must create your account, connect your channels, and promote the matching campaigns on your dashboard.

Token Symbol / Ticker (eg: BTC, KOM): PROMO

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Token Contract Address 

Brand Asset (including Token Logo, Project Logo) 

URL/Link to Whitepaper 

What is Promodex?

Promodex is the world’s first blockchain-based programmatic influencer marketplace that brings together individuals and businesses from every sector looking to organize campaigns with influencers of all levels and digital media.

Promodex Partners

What is the Purpose of Promodex?

Through Promodex, advertisers gain the opportunity to work programmatically with influencers at every level, optimizing their advertising budgets more effectively. At the same time, medium and small influencers can convert their potential into earnings.

What Problem Does Promodex Solve?

According to statistics, as the number of followers increases, the interaction rate decreases. The interaction of 10 medium influencers with a total of 1 million followers is both higher and more economical than a single mega influencer with 1 million followers.

Problems & Solutions

Problem 1: Promoters are not able to monetize their promotion potential

Solution 1: Join new and abundant campaigns and be part of a private influencer club

Problem 2: Projects are not able to access and utilize promoters adequately

Solution-2: Ready to utilize classified influencer and publisher network by the advanced dashboard

Problem 3: Ads are expensive and have poor yield

Solution-3: Effective, productive, and measurable promotion performance

Problem-4: Non-flexible token sales structure to segmentify classified investors

Solution 4: Exclusive token sales to segmented groups of investors

So why do companies prefer to work with mega influencers instead of medium-small scale influencers, which are more effective and economical?

Of course, because the whole process is manual.

Promodex is programming this process. You can campaign programmatically in any language, location, and social media with one click.

How Does Promodex Work?

Campaign owners can use the Promodex platform to promote their projects or products. Not only companies but also individuals can promote any product or service with influencers at any level.

Campaigns can be created in different languages, geographical locations, on different social media platforms, and with different needs. Campaign owners can filter influencers based on their Impact Power Grade (IPG), algorithmically scored according to followers, profile, and interaction level.

Whether token-based or not, a new or existing crypto project can launch a campaign on Promodex. Campaign owners must lock the campaign budget in tokens in a smart contract. This ensures rewards are guaranteed for participants due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain. The locked tokens can be either Promodex’s PROMO token or the project’s own token.

Crypto ventures can also organize special sales for influencers using Promodex’s PROMO token, gaining additional advantages from using the token in the campaign.

Who are Promodex’s Customers?

The platform works as a marketplace medium for projects, brand owners as a campaigner, and small-medium size of influencers as promoters. There is a huge number of small-medium influencers who can’t reach potential campaigners. So any level of social media account owner will be able to monetize their potential. Campaigners are obliged to work with big-mega sizes of influencers since all campaigning processes are manual. But the statistics say that the more followers means the less engagement on social media. A campaign with some influencers instead of a single big-mega influencer is more effective and less costly.

Promodex Token Sale Schedule

What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Promodex? 


Revenue growth: Fourth quarter of 2024, onboarding of airdrop participants as a user to claim their token will start along with the test net of the campaign creation and campaign participation on the platform. First quarter of 2025 global marketing starts for influencer and campaigners onboarding. 

User Acquisition: We have a list of 55K users participating in our marketing activities to invite claiming their airdrop reward token. This will be more than 100K by the end of airdrop, token sale, and listing campaigns. These users will be first test-net users of the platform with some incentives to be active on the platform. As soon as the platform is ready we will start a global campaign for onboarding.

Partnerships and Collaborations: We will be using social media platform APIs as a third-party platform. From “Hypeauditor” we will get ready to use the social media account grading API for the first users before our own grading algorithm is developed. From “ValidEntry” we will get KYC api integration as a third-party platform influencer and campaigners will complete their KYC. Our token will be listed on 3 CEX WhiteBIT, CoinW, Biconomy(Not confirmed yet but about to be

Product Development: UI/UX design is ready for all platforms. Most of the dashboard front end is completed. User onboarding, WE3 wallet integration is done and will be expanded with more wallets to be integrated. Some of the social media API integrations are completed. The product will be ready for testing by the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2024. After testing users, we plan to launch the platform for mass onboarding by global marketing in the first quarter of 2025.

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